What Every Doctor Needs

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Clutch for iPad, Dr. Deborah Moskowitz ND Wellness Designed Inc.

“Every doctor needs a Clutch4ipad! Not only does it allow me to engage with patients more naturally – I can more readily use my iPad to share information with them, show them pictures, and more. It gets them engaged in their own healing. The grip is brilliant! No worries about straining your thumbs trying to grip the iPad, and your thumbs are no longer in the way of the screen (or messing it up for that matter). The grip is so naturally conforming to the palm, it may reduce the risk of carpal tunnel and other over-use syndromes. I’m so thrilled with mine we’re planning to use them for patients to fill out their new patient paperwork.”

Clutch for iPad, Dr Deb

Dr. Deb, N.D.
Wellness Designed Inc.
Camden Whole Health
Camden, Maine 04843
(207) 230.1131

Clutch for Trial Lawyers

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Clutch for iPad, Miller Nash, Peter Richter

We heard from another prominent lawyer in Portland, Oregon the other day.

Thank you for sharing Peter.

“Outstanding versatility–have used in numerous ways, teaching, giving speeches, trial and other court appearances..highly recommend! Ergonomically perfect and adjustable for a variety of uses–including reading and/or working in bed.”

Clutch for iPad, Peter Richter, portland oregon

Peter C. Richter, Partner
Miller Nash, Attorneys at Law

Fan Letter from Avatron Software

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Clutch four ipad, ipad stand, ipad handle

“I’m amazed at how much more useful my iPad is now that I can carry it around with the Clutch. It gives me access to the whole screen, and I love that I can set it down at the same working angle without slotting it into a separate stand. Simple, functional, and sturdy product that does just what I need it to do. Thanks DC Mobile!”

VP Business Development
& General Counsel
Avatron Software

Clutch for iPad – Great News

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Clutch for iPad is now in manufacturing thanks to the encouragement of our friends, Kickstarter Backers, and the many favorable reviews.

You can now follow us on Twitter @ipadclutch and sign up for our e-mail list via our website to be notified when the product is available for purchase.

For Kickstarter Backers that sent their contact information, please sign up through this new product website. Once our list is compiled, we will be sending out a coupon to our Kickstarter Backers for a discount off their first purchase.

We are adding several accessories to our store and we are looking forward to showing you what we have been up to.

Please go to www.clutch4ipad.com and sign up to receive notices and your coupon. Also please share this with your friends. We truly appreciate your support. Thank you, Jamie & Bryan DC Mobile Design, LLC

The Oregonian writes about Clutch for iPad

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“The iPad has revolutionized the way Portland lawyers Bryan Churchill and Jamie Daigle do their jobs. As they worked together on a case last year, they started discussing how to make the tablet even more functional in the courtroom.” Read more here.

Thank you to all of our backers! With your continued help and support this project will be a reality. Now is the time to push. Happy New Year! DC Mobile Design LLC

PC World Loves Us!

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PC World has given Clutch for iPad a great review, recognizing that this is not just another iPad case. In case you are wondering, we intend to tool for the iPad 3 as well, so you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Clutch for years to come. Read the PC World review here.

Clutch: Kickstarter Project of the Week

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This project has been featured recently as “Kickstarter Project of the Week” in the blog Gaming, Tech, and Apple. Please help us spread the word about this project. Thank you for supporting us! Jamie Daigle, DC Mobile Design, LLC

Popular Design

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Thanks to our backers, the Clutch is now listed in the Popular Design category. It feels great to have people take notice.

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